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Newly single. Not broken-hearted, don't worry - it was going to happen at some point, and everyone involved is happier this way.

Any links to porn much appreciated, though... :D

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I can finally say I know what a (small) earthquake feels like!

It was only a 4.3, sure, but it still made the whole house shake, and got everyone on campus all excited.
I do wonder, though, what was an earthquake doing in Oklahoma?

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...A crazy old man thought my research advisor and I were a couple. I am not sure if I'm amused or horrified. I don't look thirty, do I?!

(Research advisor = I'm doing research! On catalytic antibodies and their medical applications. I'm having fun, even though the human immune system is the most complicated thing EVER.)

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I am SO ready for exams to be over. :( Only 5 more days!

Not ready? To move. Or clean the apartment. Which I have to start doing riiight after finals. Aw.


HA, you're 20 now. I hope the day's been lovely!

Dear flist members in Omaha: Are there any decent 18+ clubs here? Any of you I could convince to come along with me to one? I miss dancing with my Omaha people. :(

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Or at least, merry 27th of December! It's nice and warm for wintertime. :D

I came downstairs this morning to find my little sister training the cats to play fetch. The scary bit? IT'S WORKING. XD She's using cat food as treats, which is only kind of working. However, if she changes the treat to water in people cups, we may have some of the world's only fetch-playing felines.

Youtube it: Y/N?

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- I actually feel hungry, for the first time in several days

- I slept fourteen hours last night. o.O Midnight-2 PM. And yes, it felt amazing.

-I have only 4 homework problems left, in only one subject!

-I now officially have a boyfriend. :D Facebook doesn't say who, because my parents like the Spanish Inquisition a whole lot more than I do.

-I had the energy to clean the kitchen some! I haven't done that as much as I think I should lately, so that's a good thing. Messy = bad. Of course, I haven't actually cooked in... a few days, so hey.

-It's 66 degrees. I can wear a short-sleeved shirt. And no coat! ^_^ Bike ride!

-The world is beautiful.

~runs around, hugging people~

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How can you tell if you're depressed? Anyone?

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Dear Mr. Knight,

Much to my displeasure, I have some serious issues with physics, or to be more precise, with the "Physics for Scientists and Engineers" textbook you most regrettably authored. Physics is an interesting, useful, and very precise discipline. In its purest form, it is neither indefinite nor perplexing, and I was, once upon a time, quite fond of the subject.

Therefore, it confuses me that a volume dedicated to teaching physics should be structured in such a logically and grammatically insensible way. Instead of being concise, and carefully explaining how to perform physics problems (which are, in fact, what every teacher ever born will test physics students over) this book is different. It wanders woolily from one vaguely formed and incompletely realized explanation to the next, with apparently random segues for history, biography, or something else completely unrelated to the discipline in question. Combined with its poor sentence structure and rampant use of the passive voice, I find myself at a complete loss as to why any person with a PhD in the discipline would even contemplate using your rubbish to attempt to teach their students introductory physics. While it frightens me to admit it, I fear there is no widely available textbook superior to this one. Considering the aforementioned flaws, this situation ought to be rectified immediately, before more innocent students garner irreversibly horrible first impressions of physics.

Venomously yours,

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